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Out of District Student Enrollment

XI. Out of District Student Enrollment (Amendment to Student Admission Policy- Section J-3)

  1. The Board through its Superintendent may permit pupils, whose parents or legal guardian are not legal residents, within the corporate city limits of the City of Piedmont, to attend schools within the Piedmont City School District provided that such transfer does not violate any federal court attendance zone. The Superintendent, however, shall have the prerogative of denying the admission of any non-resident pupil to the Piedmont City School system

  2. All non-resident students enrolled in the Piedmont City School System as of the 2010- 2011 School Year are “grandfathered” and may complete their education program in Piedmont, provided that information provided the schools, upon initial enrollment or re- enrollment, was true and accurate. Enrollment must be continuous.

  3. The Superintendent may consider for enrollment students, who live outside the corporate city limits of Piedmont, provided:

    1. 1)  Such enrollment is not prohibited by Court Order dated July 11, 1974, or any subsequent order.

    2. 2)  The student is in good standing in the school previously attended. Records from the previous school must show satisfactory attendance, excellent discipline, and satisfactory academic achievement in the previous academic year.

    3. 3)  There is a program available that is compatible with the needs of the student; including the availability of staff and support services.

    4. 4)  There is space available. When space becomes a limiting factor, siblings of currently enrolled students will be given priority on admission. The Board of Education reserves the right to determine the maximum size of the student body in any grade level.

    5. 5)  The Piedmont City School system will have no financial obligation to the student.

    6. 6)  The student must furnish his or her own transportation to and from school and

      school sponsored events.

    7. 7)  The parents or legal guardians make application to the requested school of

      attendance prior to the beginning of the school year. Students may not be enrolled after the beginning of the first day of attendance for students. Exceptions include students on a waiting list pending open slots.

    8. 8)  Students entering the Piedmont City Schools found to have circumvented the application procedure will be automatically dismissed.

    9. 9)  The Piedmont City School System will abide by all rules and regulations of the Alabama High School Athletic Association regarding bona fide moves and eligibility for participation.

    10. 10)  It is the responsibility of the student to procure any clearance and/or authorization from their district Board of Education that may be required by that district to attend school in another district. 

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